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Project presentations and workshops

  • Zagreb coordination meeting, Croatia 02/10/15
  • Zagreb Energy Week Flex-ChEV presentation, Zagreb, Croatia 30/04/15
  • 2nd Flex-ChEV workshop Cavtat, Croatia 18/06/15
  • Flex-ChEV presentation, ERA-Net Day, FER, Zagreb, 27/02/15
  • Flex-ChEV Workshop in Aalborg, 06/11/14
  • Dr. Dragicevic IEEE PES Presentation, Zagreb 27/10/14
  • Invitation to International Workshop on FLEXIBLE ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE FLEX–CHEV on November 06/11/2014, Aalborg
  • Prof. Guerrero IEEE Energycon2014 Keynote
  • Smart Grids Demo Snapshots

Project reports and media

  • HEP Vjesnik
  • Work packages report 01_06_15_draft
  • Kick off meeting in Oslo 17_06_14_minutes

Meeting minutes

  • Minutes of the meeting