2nd Flex-ChEV workshop

As a part of IPST 2015 Conference and ERANET project Flex-ChEV the 2nd International Workshop of the project Flexible Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure was held in June 18/06/2015 from 04.00 AM – 20.00 PM in Cavtat, Croatia.
The given presentations and meetings with industry partners Koncar and HEP were hosted by prof. Kuzle. More information can be found in the Workshop invitation.
All of the presentation can be downloaded in the “Deliverables” section.

Individual presentations

  • Igor Kuzle: Project introduction
  • Tomislav Dragicevic: Distributed Cooperative Control of Multi Flywheel Energy Storage System for EV Fast Charging Stations
  • Tomislav Dragicevic: Overview of Power Architectures and Control Strategies Used for EV Fast Charging Stations
  • Thomas Martinsen: Optimal sizing of grid connection, battery pack and renewable energy generation in an EV charging station – minimizing cost to meet demand
  • Bernt Bremdal: Business models and scope of ancillary services
  • Ninoslav Holjevac: Energy storage system allocation impact on distribution network
  • Ivan Pavic: Prominent Energy Storage Technology for Electric Vehicle’s Charging Stations
  • Stjepan Sucic: Utilizing standards-based communication for SCADA management of electric vehicle supply stations
  • Ivica Skoric: e-Mobility – HEP Group Development Project
  • Maja Rajcic: ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus: from local trials towards a European knowledge community
2nd Flex-ChEV workshop

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